June 22, 2020 Updates

I usually don't do big updates but there are a bunch of things to talk about today so I am going to run them into one slightly longer post.

First up, our manufacturer has confirmed that production should be finished around the 1st week of July on the first of the scenic packs. The Forest pack should be available around the beginning of August.

Second on my list, I have added a couple of new titles to the Sinister Laboratories section of historical rules. This was a long time coming, but the Angriff 2nd edition (for Disposable Heroes 2nd edition) is now available in the online store. Both print and PDF versions.


Third on the list of updates is that we will be adding This Very Ground 2nd Edition, the colonial era America historical rules to the website as soon as Brigade Games has finished fulfilling all the kickstarter copies. The printer is still dealing with pandemic delays so these probably won't be available until end of July (PDF versions may be earlier).

And finally, going back to the scenic packs. We will be running a kickstarter next month for some new packs. I have been showing off the Wharf set and I just finished the grassy hills (hopefully get some mock ups assembled this week). The 3rd set that will be part of the Kickstarter will be the Ruins set. I just started on the artwork and build for it. And if all goes well, I will complete the kickstarter line up with two additional warehouses in a Buildings pack to help fill up your wharf.

That is it for this Monday. Hopefully I will have more to share in the coming days as I continue working on these things.

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