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We have added so many things to the RatMat Battle Mat and RatMat Scenics lines that I started playing around with some set ups. I can mix and match pieces to create so many different options now. And we keep adding more.

But Why?

I think I have said this so many times to people browing our booth, comments online, and jsut in my musings here, but with all the 3D printed options and pre-made resin and plastic scenics available, there was no low cost, easily transportable/storeable and versatile scenics out there. It's great having all the paper options I can find online, but I wanted scenics that could be taken down and stored more easily. So many of the paper terrain pieces out there require glue or remaining assembled afterward. I want stuff I can take apart and store flat if necessary (it also means I can throw a whole encounters worth of terrain in a messenger bag.

And those pre-printed battle maps and map books that have come out are wonderful. Close it up or stick it in a folder and you're good to go. I still like my terrain to be 3D and changeable. Even if I don't use the map as is and tell people they can ignore effects from a previous session, it just starts to feel "the same" after a while. People look for the same spots and do the same things. 

Anyway, here are some battle maps I threw together in about 5 minutes from what is currently or soon to be available. I hope you enjoy them.


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