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Having been in lockdown/quarantine/social distancing for nearly a year now, I have found that I have been playing a LOT more tabletop role playing games (RPGs) online. At this point, I am the GM for 3 different games and play in another. And with so many games to keep track of, I was looking for resources that I could use to aid in maintaining the freshness of all these games.

That has led to the Rattrap store stocking a lot more RPG material; from books to dice to dice trays to card decks. The two companies that I have added are Nord Games and Limitless Adventures. Both companies offer more than just scenarios that you run "out of the box." They provide aids to help you build interesting encounters and believable worlds and NPCs. 

A couple of my favorites are Loresmyth's Ultimate Guide to Remarkable Shops & Their Wares from Nord Games and Limitless NPCs from Limitless Adventures. Let's face it, your players are bound to want to go into a shop you didn't plan for or ask to speak with an NPC that you had not created at least once every other session. And maybe you can make them up on the fly every once in a while, but there are sometimes when the inspiration just dies mid-sentence. Having a  reference book to quickly pull out an interesting description of shop or NPC is a handy tool.

Both of these books are must-haves for the GM in need of a little inspiration. I create so many of the places and people of my worlds, but I still like to have a reference tool during those writer's block moments. Leaning on a supplement is not a knock against your skills as a GM. In fact, knowing that you have them and can quickly borrow bits from this or that, help relieve some of the pressure of being the Forever GM. 

Add these titles to your book shelf and you won't be disappointed.

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