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There are so many wonderful 3D print files available for Gamemasters to purchase and print their own scenics for their adventures. Need a tavern, buy this file. Need a temple, buy that one. And of course there is the original Dwarven Forge pieces that have gone through a couple of iterations to their current plastic-like walls that are more impact resistant than the original resin. And let's not forget all the scratch-builders out there who sculpt, carve, assemble and scavenge such incredible displays. So why would we put out our scenic packs?

There are several reasons.

1) First and foremost... cost. Not everyone can afford to spend $200+ to put a dungeon together. Sure, there are some cheaper alternatives that will run you half that for enough pieces to build a decent size battle set piece. But with the self-adhesive walls of our Dungeon Pack and some mat board (either ours or some scraps you have at home) you can build the same size setting for roughly $40. Perfect for those who don't have the funds or for those who don't pull the pieces out all the time and just need something to give a little visual representation. Same with our Forest Pack. A good set, unpainted will cost you about $70. And you still have to paint it. Our Forest Pack is less than a third of that cost.

2) The second reason is storage. If you live in an apartment or if your hobby storage space is limited, our scenics can be disassembled and stored in a few slim storage boxes. I can store all the terrain I need for multiple settings in a single cube of a Kallax shelf. Not bad for those with big campaign dreams but limited space.

2a) This sort of goes with the above, but transportability. If, like me, you run lots of games at stores and conventions and want something a bit more than a dry erase map, then you can take 3-4 sets with you on a typical game night and carry them in a messenger bag. If your players have multiple options on where they could go, how nice is it to have terrain you can carry for all of them.

3) Ease of use. Our scenics are designed to go together quickly and easily. No special connectors. No sorting through multiple tiles to find the right ones. Your players won't have to sit for 15 minutes while you set all the terrain up for the battle and you won't have to carefully transport your pre-set battle mat that could all come crashing down with one bad slip (especially in the rain or snow). 

4) If you're running tournaments or league games and you want all the tables to have the same set up, you won't have to spend a small fortune or use up all your vacation time scratch-building it. Plus, like above, transporting to those cross-country conventions won't be an issue.

5) Time. If pre-painted scenics are outside your budget and you are going to get unpainted pieces or 3D print your own, there still needs to be time to paint them all up. That is time you could be spending playing, prepping for a session, or painting up those awesome minis you keep buying but never seem to get to. 

6) We release free pieces to go along with the scenic kits. You might have to print and mount yourself, but it means one-off pieces that might not fit in a set or if there are not enough pieces yet to make a set, it can be quickly released so players have whatever they need. 

In no way are we trying to say our scenic packs are better than any of the other alternatives. They are just another option for those who run and play games to liven up their battle mats or miniature games in a way that lets them focus more on the game and the miniatures and less on the scenics. 

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