Low Cost Cliff Scenics in Progress

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It's been a crazy year with lots of changes, but back working on our low cost terrain and scenic solutions. One of the areas I have wanted to fill out is cliffs. We have a nice rocky terrain battle mat and I wanted to be able to add cliffs to it. Again, keeping the cost low and convenience high. The question was how to do this without making the pieces so fiddly that you cannot set up easily. 

I believe I have found the solution and working on the prototypes now. If you're going to be at PAXU, I will be there and hopefully have these in hand for sale. 

Below is a rendering of one cliff piece. The plan is to offer one 4x4x2 and two 3x2x1 pieces along with some scatter terrain for it as one set. 


As you can see, the idea is a rectangular cliff so that it easily works on a grid mat and you don't have to worry about where the odd shapes fit. It is also much easier to do squares/rectangles in cardboard. 

Like all our scenics, we are not trying to replace your high cost resin pieces or factory made plastics. These are low cost solutions that offer ease of storage and quick set up. Because we all know that players can be unpredictable and having a tub of all the resin/plastic you need for every game, when you're on the go, is not always feasible.

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