3 Reasons Why: Scenic Packs

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There are THREE reasons why I started the Scenic Packs project. I am hoping that other gamers see the same benefits that I do.

Reason #1: Cost. What gamer does not factor cost into their purchase? Now, don't get me wrong, I have plenty of 3D terrain from big name vendors and small companies. I have two rolling shelves in my storage area just to be able to have access to it. But not every RPG/Wargame player wants to spend the money on terrain, especially if it will only come out once every 6 months for a session that will last an hour. They would rather spend the money on rulebooks, miniatures or something else important to them. Our Scenic packs will sell for $16 - $20 depending on the pack. And you will get plenty of scenics for the price.

Reason #2: Ease of Set Up/Take Down. How many times have you been running a game and planned to use a great battle board set up only to have your players go right when you planned left? Our Scenic Packs will allow you to quickly set up your battle map without having to plan weeks in advance for it. Decide to throw a random forest encounter out? Pull out our Forest Scenic Pack and set up your trees in about 5 minutes.

Reason #3: Storage. Like I stated in Reason #1 above, I have lots of 3D terrain. Resin. Plastic. Wood. Scratch-built, store bought, you name it. But I had to create a custom storage solution to be able to have access to all of it. And frankly, if I am having a game session at the table and need something quickly, it is not going to happen. It will take 20-30 minutes to collect what I need. And many gamers don't have unlimited storage space. You live in an apartment or small house with limited ability to store stuff and terrain becomes a drawback and not a benefit. Below you can see the Kallax shelf where I am storing my Scenic Pack Sets (just mock-ups for some of them, but eventually the real versions). This sits right behind my GM chair so I can spin around, grab the pieces I need and be ready to go quickly.

I don't expect these Scenic Packs to replace that BBG set piece that you have been planning for months. Who doesn't want to pull out a well designed battle map for the conclusion to your storyline? But for the rest of the sessions, for the unexpected, for traveling to conventions or stores or another player's house, our punchboard Scenic Packs make a great alternative.

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