Monsters and Mercenaries Reinforcement Deck
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Monsters and Mercenaries Reinforcement Deck

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“Him have pretty helmet before I bash him.”

–Dru’ahn the Gross, Ogre Chieftain

The harsh borderlands of Tangräth is home to fierce monsters and grim mercenaries.  Half-Orcs, rejected by both heritages, mix with Wildmen, whose restless poverty makes them ideal mercenaries.  Both must fear rampaging Ogre tribes and sorcerers who flee here far from civilization to practice their arcane experiments.  And all must fear fiery death from the true lords of Tangräth:  the Red Dragons.

Monsters and Mercenaries is different from most factions in that it can be fielded as its own army or its units can be used as mercenaries in other factions. Half-Orcs are durable and tough, while Wildmen are lighter and more plentiful. Both have mediocre courage, but with Spoils can be enticed by promises of gold and plunder.  

Mages such as Elementalists can rain fire and lightning on your enemies while Healer Mages can keep your units alive and fighting. Monsters include the barely controllable Hill Giant.  

Monsters and Mercenaries is a faction for players who want to open new possibilities with the factions they already possess, or for those who want to play epic battles with mythic monsters.

This pack includes:
  • Advanced Rulebook
  • Half-Orc Sword (4)
  • Half-Orc Spear (4)
  • Wildmen Archers (3)
  • Wildmen Sword (6)
  • Wildmen Horse Archers (3)
  • Ogres (5)
  • Healer Mages (3)
  • Elementalist (3)
  • Earth Elemental (3)
  • Red Dragon (3)
  • Ancient Red Dragon (2)
  • Hydra (3)
  • Hill Giant (3)

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