Men of Hawkshold
Men of Hawkshold
Men of Hawkshold
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Men of Hawkshold

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“Order the militia to stand fast at the crest of that hill! They need only hold until the lancers ford the crossing on the enemy’s flank!”

—Bergan Temeraire, Grand Duke of Hawkshold, at the Battle of Weslan River

No feudal duke, nor Elven prince, nor Dwarven king marches to war without knowing how Hawkshold will respond. Its Grand Duke can call upon not just his vassal lords with their retinues of knights, but also his standing army of disciplined soldiers stationed in outposts throughout the realm and skilled mercenaries specializing in the pike, the great sword, or the longbow.

Like the other Holds of Men, Hawkshold was born under the shadow of the First Orc Invasion. The migrating Vesvir people were scattered, only loosely ruled by their king from the capitol of Tangräth.

When the Last King of Tangräth was slain, the Vesvir withdrew to their holdfasts.  None would be king, but each Grand Duke swore oaths of fidelity and aid. The Holds of Men, along with the High Elves and the Dwarves of Runeguard, broke the Orc horde.

Hawkshold was at the vanguard of this campaign. As it was against the following invasions, and the crusades of the Holy Flame to retake lost Tangräth.

It was the failures of those crusades that convinced the previous Grand Duke to reorganize his kingdom. Powerful though it was, Hawkshold was fractious, its military little more than a retinue of retinues. 

Rather than rely on militia and men-at-arms, the Grand Duke raised a professional army. Drilled to fight in formation and loyal to the realm, these troops are stationed at key points throughout Hawkshold.

Hawkshold is a kingdom in transition, but stands ready in defense of the Known Realms. The new Grand Duke, Bergan Temeraire, continues his father's work but this generation-long endeavor is still incomplete. Noble knights fight beside brigand longbowmen and commoners-turned-soldiers. But from this multitude comes the strength to respond to threats old and new.

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This box contains 75 Unit Cards:

• 30 Command Cards
• 3 Reminder Cards
• One Quick Start Rules
• One Rulebook
• Communal Pikemen x 7
• Scout Cavalry x 7
• Knight x 3
• Dismounted Knights x 3
• Longbowmen x 3
• Sir Steaphen's Free Company x 3
• Swordsmen x 7
• Spearmen x 7
• Lancers x 7
• Bowmen x 7
• Militia x 7
• Great Swordsmen x 7
• Peasant Mob x 7

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