Lords of Vlachold
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Lords of Vlachold

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“Terms?  That is a word equals use, young elf.  There are oceans of time between now and when you would be my equal.  We speak only of the nature of your people’s submission.”

— Voivode Dagan, at the Autumn Parlay of the First Ravenwood War

The people of Vlachold fear neither the Orcish warcry nor the Elven arrow.  They fear when their Lords look upon them, and smile. Once the Lords were the noble defenders of the realm, but during the Orc Invasions they made a pact with a Dark Power that granted them inhuman strength, supernatural powers, and immortality by drinking the blood of a living creature.   

In the centuries that followed the souls of the Lords withered, becoming cruel and capricious. Now the people of the realm wait, persevering until the sun shines again on Vlachold.

Vlachold is a break-though faction, designed to achieve a quick victory with your vampire units before their mortal servants are routed or destroyed.  The Lords can Drain their Vassals, drinking their blood to heal or gain supernatural abilities.​

The vampire Lords can also call upon their minions, such as Werewolf Packs and Czigany Hillfolk, to bolster their line. And the mysterious Warriors in the Mist appear to save the Voynik commoners in direst need.​

The Lords of Vlachold is a faction for players who love to gamble, willing to risk weakening their line in one place to win in another.  It also appeals to the player who enjoy evil factions, of being as much (or more!) of a threat to your units as the enemy.

If you would like. to read more about the faction and how it plays, check out our Blog post for them: Lords of Vlachold Blog Post

This box contains:

72 Unit Cards:

  • 30 Command Cards
  • 6 Reminder Cards
  • One Quick Start Rules
  • One Rulebook
  • Voivode Knights x 3
  • Warriors in the Mist x 3
  • Curteni Heavy Archers x 5
  • Voynik Thralls x 6
  • Werewolf Pack x 5
  • Dagan, the First Voivode x 3
  • Tepes Lords x 6
  • Voynik Swordsmen x 7​
  • Voynik Spearmen x 7
  • Czigany Hillfolk x 7
  • Voynik Crossbowmen x 7
  • Curteni Halberdiers x 7
  • Markyz Bloodstalkers x 6

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