Lizardmen Starter Deck
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Lizardmen Starter Deck

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“Trade? We seek no trade. We hunt your kind for your flesh and nothing else...”

—Trog Warrior, to captive Elven scout

From the Burning Lands comes a threat unlike any other in the Known Lands. Scaled terrors that want neither land nor plunder, these sentient monsters carry off entire village populations. The fate of these prisoners is as sustenance for the warhosts of the Lizardmen. They cannot be bartered with by merchants, negotiated with by diplomats, or converted by priests. Knowing neither pity nor mercy, they respect only strength but even the stout walls of castles have been toppled by the barely-tamed dinosaurs at the vanguard of Lizarmen armies.

Lizardmen at every stage of growth populate the ranks of their army. Adolescent Trog Warriors and adult Tyrant Warriors form the core of your army, while nimble Swarmlings and Hatchlings swarm the enemy’s flanks. Ancients, the most massive Lizardmen, are protected by a thick hide as they smash into the enemy units.

And for any opponent too tough for them, the Lizardmen have Triceratops Herds and the colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex. In the heat of the battle, Blood Frenzy overtakes the Lizardmen as the first taste of flesh whets their appetite.

The Lizardmen is for a player who wants to be stronger and tougher than any other opponent.

They are a momentum army, with early victories leading to more and more slaughter.

This box contains:

  • Basic Rulebook
  • Command Cards (30)
  • Reference Cards (2)
  • Hatchlings (2)
  • Raptor Pack (1)
  • Swarmling Bowmen (2)
  • Swarmling Warriors (3)
  • Triceratops Herd (1)
  • Tyrant Spearmen (1)
  • Tyrant Warriors (2)
  • Trog Spearmen (2)
  • Trog Warriors (2)
  • Ancients (2)

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