Kingdoms CampaIgn Deck
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Kingdoms CampaIgn Deck

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Develop your lands into a prosperous realms that can field larger armies or attract mercenary soldiers. Best your rivals in a campaign for supremacy. Defend your borders by ambushing invaders, but be wary: you may be walking into a trap!

Kingdoms is a campaign and scenario generator for Battleground Fantasy Warfare. It features eleven scenarios, each which will challenge a player’s skill. In Chosen Ground one player chooses and places the terrain however they see fit, but their opponent has the advantage of a larger army. In Last Stand one player’s army is doomed from the outset, and victory is only determined by how much of the enemy they drag down with them.

Each scenario can further be modified by one of twelve special situations. A battle can take place under Oppressive Heat, where both armies tire quickly Or both generals can be Well Prepared with the command cards of their choice at the ready.

Kingdoms also includes 30 unique maps for placing terrain. Armies can battle over a strategic river crossing or contend with a massive swamp in the center of the field. These map cards are designed to be used in conjunction with Your Move Games’ Terrain Pack.

Kingdoms also includes a campaign system where players can develop their realms between battles with advancements that modify their armies. Ogres and Half-Orcs heed your call when you build the Market. With the Armory you can field additional elite units. The Kingdoms campaign system is designed to be used in conjunction with Monsters & Mercenaries.

With Kingdoms your battle tells an epic story, be it a lone tale of a fierce battle for a hilltop during a raging storm or one part of a greater saga chronicling your rise to power!

Battleground Kingdoms contents
  • 36 map cards
  • 13 scenario cards
  • 4 special situation cards
  • 1 Muster Chart card

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