Dark Elves
Dark Elves
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Dark Elves

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“Two hundred slaves for the lord who sends me the most Halfblood soldiers and ten lashes for the one who sends me the fewest.”

—Iliun, Prince of the Autumn Sky, Scourge of Runeguard, Lord of Dusk

Ages ago, the Dark Elves gave up benevolence to preserve their people. For generations their slave raiders have taken from human, Orc, and Dwarf alike. When this twisted aristocracy marches to war, they show as much mercy to other races as for the cattle in their fields. Nobles tremble at the size of their host, and brave men waver as the sight of terrifying stories told to them as children come alive with horrific grace across the battlefield.

Dark Elves field units from every rung of their hierarchical society. From Lowblood Levies, to Halfblood Slavetakers to Highblood Duskblades, the Dark Elves have
an array of choices. The dark sorceries of the Lashmistresses and Pureblood Covens compliment these innumerable hordes. And even the basest Lowblood knows the arcane Pain Touch that can cripple a man with a single strike.

Dark Elves are a faction for the player who wants a little bit of everything, and revels in the challenge of combining these disparate forces. With many tricks and stratagems at your disposal, your opponent will never know what to expect.

Dark Elves contents
  • Comprehensive Rulebook
  • Slave Warriors (7)
  • Lowblood Levy (7)
  • Halfblood Levy (7)
  • Halfblood Slavetakers (7)
  • Highblood Blades (7)
  • Highblood Lashmistresses (4)
  • Highblood Duskblades (4)
  • Blade Dancers (4)
  • Dusk Lances (3)
  • Drake Riders (4)
  • Standard Bearers (4)
  • Pureblood Coven (4)
  • Lords of Dusk (4)

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