Alexander vs. Persia Starter Set
Alexander vs. Persia Starter Set
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Alexander vs. Persia Starter Set

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“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep”

—Alexander III of Macedon

In 335 B.C., the princeling of a backwater kingdom in northern Greece crossed the Hellespont with the goal of toppling the greatest empire the word had ever seen. Recreate Alexander’s conquest of the Persian Empire and the battles that brought him to the very edge of the known world.

Alexander’s invading army is composed of massive phalanxes of pikemen that pin his enemies down and hard hitting Companion Cavalry smash into their flanks. Alexander’s men are supported by a coalition of Thracians, Cretans, Thessalians, and hoplites from the city-states of Greece. These troops can be Inspired to defeat more numerous enemies or they can be led directly by Alexander and his generals.

However, the Persian Empire is not as frail as history would have us believe. Its Persian Cavalry are the envy of the world and its deep coffers let it hire the very best Mercenary Hoplites to fight against the upstart princeling. Complementing the native Kardakes and Immortals are the Indian Elephants, the Saka Horse Archers, and Scythed Chariots. Raise armies from every corner of the empire with Satrapal Levies and truly bring a thousand nations down upon your enemy.

Alexander vs. Persia is fully compatible with Battleground products, both Fantasy and Historical. You can match Persia against Carthage to see if Hannibal would have achieved the same glorious victories over Persia. Or you can pit Alexander’s army against the horrors of the Undead army. Alexander vs Persia is perfect for recreating history’s greatest battles, or rewriting them!

Starter Deck

  • Comprehensive Rulebook
  • Foot Companions (2)
  • Companion Cavalry (1)
  • Thessalian Cavalry (1)
  • Sarissophoroi (1)
  • Iphicratean Spearmen (2)
  • Thracian Peltasts (2)
  • Allied Hoplites (1)
  • Allied Greek Cavalry (1)
  • Hypaspistes (1)
  • Agrianian Peltasts (1)
  • Persian Cavalry (2)
  • Satrapal Cavalry (2)
  • Kardakes (3)
  • Mercenary Hoplites (1)
  • Sparabara (2)
  • Thanvabara (2)
  • Takabara (1)
  • Scythed Chariots (1)
  • Immortals (1)
  • Indian Elephant (1)

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