Second Punic War Reinforcement Set
Second Punic War Reinforcement Set
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Second Punic War Reinforcement Set

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“I will find a way, or make one.”

—Hannibal Barca

Two centuries before the birth of Christ, the greatest general of his day led a small army over the Alps and nearly broke the power of Rome. Now you can recreate Hannibal’s triumphs at Cannae and Trasimene, or reenact his defeat by Scipio Africanus at the Battle of Zama.

The Roman army of the Second Punic War was a highly structured force, with Hastati and Principes supported by Triarii in the rear ranks. These Reinforcements can be rotated to the front of the line, grinding down a wearied enemy with fresh ranks of Roman troops. However, this deep formation risks being flanked and so you must protect the flanks of your army with Equites and your Italian allies.

Although Carthage’s army is primarily composed of mercenaries such as Libyan Foot and Spanish Scutarii, these men are personally loyal to Hannibal and the glory he brings them in victory. He has the Foresight to see the enemy’s plan before arraying his own coalition of Libyans, Spanish, Numidian, and Gallic soldiers for battle.

The Second Punic War is fully compatible with Battleground products, both Fantasy and Historical. Hannibal can battle Alexander to determine history’s greatest general. Or Rome can defend its borders against a marauding Orc horde. The Second Punic War lets you refight the most influential battles of the ancient world, or create new ones!

This requires the rules from the Starter box. 

Reinforcement Deck

  • Scenario Book with Design Notes
  • Equites (3)
  • Italian Cavalry (3)
  • Veteran Equites (3)
  • Velites (3)
  • Extraordinarii (3)
  • Italian Spearmen (5)
  • Italian Swordsmen (4)
  • Cretan Archers (2)
  • Hastati (5)
  • Veteran Hastati (5)
  • Principes (6)
  • Veteran Principes (5)
  • Triarii (3)
  • Libyan Foot (5)
  • Numidian Cavalry (3)
  • Balearic Slingers (4)
  • Gallic Warriors (5)
  • Spanish Cavalry (4)
  • Gallic Cavalry (4)
  • Scutarii (5)
  • Caetrati (4)
  • Elephants (3)
  • Moorish Archers (3)
  • Carthaginian Spearmen (7)
  • Hannibal's Elite (3)

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