Battleground Fantasy Warfare Scenanio booklet (PDF)
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Battleground Fantasy Warfare Scenanio booklet (PDF)

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This is an OLD title that we recently were able to get a PDF copy uploaded. The book contains eight exciting Battleground: Fantasy Warfare scenarios that bring the world of Battleground to life while challenging your skills as a general with the army lists given for each scenario or build your own.

Ambush Near Thornwood – A small Orc force takes a larger 'Hawk army by surprise. Duke Humpherys lies fallen; can his second-in-command rally the Hawks to repel the Orcs?

Hunting the Hunter - An outnumbered army of Elves must take a stand against a vast Orc army, but the Elves have chosen high ground for their final stand and have a surprise lanned for their hunters.

Nahlakar's Gambit - A Necromancer sneaks into a cemetery to raise an army and is set upon by the local Hawk garrison. Can he create enough undead warriors to overwhelm the Men of Hawkshold before he is taken?

Sacred Hills -The Dwarves of Runegard have a longstanding war with the Orc tribes over the control of three hills considered sacred by each side. Who will win the struggle for control this time?

Battle for Blackthorn River - Blackthorn River, impassable for much of its length, forms a strategic barrier between Ravenwood and Necromancer lands. Scouts have identified a potential crossing point as the spring floods ease; which side will gain control?

March of the Goblins - A horde of Goblins, accompanied by several trolls, is rampaging through Hawkshold. A hastily-gathered army of Hawks has built a makeshift barricade in their path and hopes their defenses will hold.

Trial at Bolmir Valley - Tricked and outmaneuvered by a cunning Necromancer, a Dwarven army must fight their way through Bolmir Valley to reach the sacred runes on the far side -and must keep some of their Longbeards alive along the way!

First Contact - The Men of Hawkshold prepare for their first battle with the Umenzi Tribesmen, knowing little of their foe or its powers.

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