Contemptible Little Armies 3rd Ed. (Softcover version)
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Contemptible Little Armies 3rd Ed. (Softcover version)

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Written by Chris Peers, this is a set of rules designed for the armies of WWI through the 1920s. The rules are quick and easy to play with even large games able to be resolved in a couple of hours.

Along with rules for units and vehicles, it includes off-board artillery, gas and even early aircraft. The rules can be played with 2-3 units per player all the way up to a dozen or more. Commanders are there to lead the troops into battle but are not stand-alone killing machines.

“Contemptible Little Armies” takes its title from the Kaiser’s sneer at the British Expeditionary Force of 1914 - which of course soon turned out to be anything but contemptible. As the title suggests, the main focus of the rules is the First World War, but they are also suitable for many of the other conflicts of the same era, for example:

The Mexican Revolution, 1910 - c.1920.

The Italian-Turkish War of 1911 - 1912.

The Warlord Era in China, 1911 - 1928.

The Balkan Wars, 1912 - 1913.

The Russian Civil War, 1917 - c. 1922.

The Greek-Turkish War, 1920 - 1922.


48 pages. Includes color images of miniatures.

 If you would like a Roster sheet, you can download a PDF version here.

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