Army List 2: East Africa and the Middle East 1914-1918 (PDF version)
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Army List 2: East Africa and the Middle East 1914-1918 (PDF version)

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This book covers the armies and forces that fought in East Africa and the Middle East along with special rules that would apply to those areas. These theaters tended to consist of more mobile action and ambushes instead of the trench warfare that World War I is known for. There were exceptions (Gallipoli being the biggest) but it generally holds that you will not be going “over the top” using these lists.

Introduction: Using the Lists
Part One: East Africa Forces
1) British, 1914–1915
2) British, 1916–1918
3) Belgian, 1914–1918
4) Portuguese, 1916–1918
5) German, 1914–1915
6) German, 1916–1918
7) Abyssinian, 1915–1918
8) Somali, 1914–1918
9) Darfur, 1914–1916
Special Rules for the East African Theatre
1) African Terrain: Tall Grass, Villages
2) Generating Scenarios
3) Ambushes
4) Obsolete Artillery and HMGs
5) Supply Trains and Porters
6) Spearmen
7) Optional Random Events for Bush Warfare: Wild Animal, Killer Bees, Cheeky Monkeys, Fever, Cloudburst, Thirst, Funga Safari
8) Holy War: The Mullah
Part Two: The Middle East Forces
1) British at Gallipoli, 1915
2) British in Mesopotamia, 1914–1918
3) British in Egypt and Sinai, 1914–1916
4) British in Sinai and Palestine, 1917–1918
5) British in Persia, 1916–1918
6) French at Gallipoli, 1915
7) Turks at Gallipoli
8) Turks in Mesopotamia and Palestine, 1914–1918
9) Tribal Arab, 1914–1918
10) Arab Revolt, 1916–1918
11) Senussi, 1914–1917
12) Persian, 1914–1918
Special Rules for the Middle Eastern Theatre
1) Desert Terrain: Sand Dunes, City Walls
2) Amphibious Landings
3) Gunboats
4) Camel-Mounted Troops
5) Holy War: The Mullah
6) Obsolete Artillery and HMGs
Quick Reference Lists for the AfricanTheatre
Quick Reference Lists for the Middle Eastern Theatre

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