Orc Starter Deck
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Orc Starter Deck

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“We are the Fourth Children of the Dawn Star.  Kin to your ancestors. They abandoned us, to shadow and pain, as their descendants have abandoned you. It is mercy that I tell you this. For as I visit on you what was done to me, you will not despair in the false hope that they will save you.”

- Vethraes the Marauder, to a captive High Elf

In the distant past an Elven realm fell to a Dark Lord. Its people were corrupted into creatures of fury and pain. Their bodies grew in speed and strength, and their minds knew only hate. They were the shock troops of the Dark Lord’s army, but at the climactic battle, they disappeared. Banished to unknown regions by the sorceries of the Elven archmages. Without his best soldiers, the Dark Lord was defeated and destroyed.

History became myth, even to the Elves of the Three Citadels.  Stories told by the migrating Vesvir Men, of massive warriors inured to pain, were dismissed as legend.

Then the Orcs returned, and the truth became known:  they had been banished to a different time, not place.

The First Orc Invasion of the Known Realms toppled the Western Citadel of Elves.  It was only an alliance of Dwarves, High Elves, and the Holds of Men that turned back the Orcs.

Twice since they returned in their great Invasions.  And in the years between, they raid and pillage across the Known Realms.

Orcs feel no compassion, only hatred at those who did not suffer like them. They take gold but place no value in it. They conquer land but do not hold it. They pillage and slaughter for the pain it causes. They are ageless, their souls reborn after each death. They have no cause to struggle for, nor ambition to rule. They have only one driving desire:  Burn It All.

This box contains:

  • Basic Rulebook
  • Command Cards (30)
  • Reference Cards (2)
  • Crazed Goblins (2)
  • Goblin Bowmen (3)
  • Goblin Raiders (2)
  • Goblin Spearmen (2)
  • Goblin Wolf Riders (2)
  • Orc Axemen (1)
  • Orc Marauders (1)
  • Orc Spearmen (2)
  • Orc Swordsmen (2)
  • Trolls (1)

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