High Elves Reinforcement Deck
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High Elves Reinforcement Deck

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“Ours is not an idyllic fate! Those centuries are behind us. But our sacrifice shall ring through the centuries yet to come!”

—Edurne, High Elf Captain to her men at the Battle of Laendas Pass

From their coastal Citadel, the High Elves honor ancient oaths as protectors of the Known Lands. Despite dwindling numbers they keep to their vow. The few will simply have to do work of many. Their time has passed, yet they are unbowed and unbroken. In the face of extinction they do not flinch. If this is to be our end, they say, then we will be worthy of that fate, so that we are never forgotten.

The High Elves are the quintessential finesse faction. Their under-strength Battle Squads must fend off more numerous foes, buying time for the Elder Blade Swordsmen and Celestial Guard to finish the enemy. Their Chariots can form a rapid strike force while the High Elf Knights smash into the enemy lines.

 Or the High Elves can take a defensive position, whittling down the enemy with their Archers and Scorpion ballistas while the Bowriders harass the enemy flanks. But it is their Maneuver Mastery that makes them truly deadly. High Elves will never be out of position and will capitalize on any mistake your opponent makes.

The High Elves are a faction for the player who wants to win with maneuver. To the  player who embraces the challenge of always being outnumbered comes the reward of methodically dismantling your opponent’s army.

This box contains:
  • Advanced Rulebook
  • Celestial Guard (3)
  • Cygnets (4)
  • Elder-Blade Battle Squad (3)
  • Elder-Blade Rangers (2)
  • Elder-Blade Swordsmen (3)
  • High Elf Archers (3)
  • High Elf Battlemages (3)
  • High Elf Battle Squad (4)
  • High Elf Bowriders (4)
  • High Elf Chariots (5)
  • High Elf Knights (2)
  • High Elf Rangers (3)
  • High Elf Scorpions (2)
  • High Elf Spearmen (5)
  • High Elf Swordsmen (4)

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