Elves of Ravenwood Starter Deck
Elves of Ravenwood Starter Deck
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Elves of Ravenwood Starter Deck

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“Speak no more of ancient alliances, interloper. The forest is our ally now. Its beasts, our kin. And you are not welcome here!”

—Duibhín, Ravenwood Bowmaster

When their Citadel fell to Orc invaders, the Elves of the West took refuge in the depth of Ravenwood. They made pacts with the spirits and guardians of the forest until they too were defenders of the land. Centuries later, even the fiercest Orc warlord gives Ravenwood a wide berth. The trees move of their own accord and the shadows cut down stragglers. The terror-stricken survivors who were allowed to flee tell crazed tales of being hunted by packs of wolves or bears led by feral Elves.

The Elves of Ravenwood possess an almost unmatched tactical flexibility. The skilled but lightly armored Ravenwood Swordsmen and Spearmen can stand against almost any enemy, using their Nets to ensnare the opponents while the Bowmasters snipe from the shadows.

Tougher foes will be torn apart by the Bear Kin and the indomitable Treant. Or if your plan calls for a swift decisive attack, the Wolf Kin can race alongside your Stag Cavalry and javelin wielding Centaurs. The forest spirits offer their Guidance, directing the weapons of the Elves to strike true.

The Elves of Ravenwood are the perfect faction for a player getting into Battleground. Initially appearing as the ‘skill faction’ you will be pleasantly surprised by their replayability and their variety of tactical options.

This deck contains:

  • Basic Rulebook
  • Command Cards (30)
  • Reference Cards (2)
  • Elf Swordsmen (3)
  • Elf Spearmen (2)
  • Treefolk (1)
  • Elf Bowmen (3)
  • Wolfkin (2)
  • Wolf Pack (1)
  • Stag Cavalry (1)
  • Bearkin (2)
  • Bear pack (1)
  • Brownies (2)

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