Dwarves of Runeguard Reinforcements Deck
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Dwarves of Runeguard Reinforcements Deck

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“Surrounded and outnumbered, the Dwarves stood their ground. By the end, they were not barkeeps, or carpenters, or scriveners. They were the White Shields. And their captain was no longer some bookkeeper. She was simply Varya of Runeguard."

 - Excerpt from The Chronicles and Histories of St. Alban

Runeguard has been an unyielding bastion in the darkest of ages, with every Dwarf standing ready to defend their homeland. Forge Wardens hoist their hammers while Home Guard swap tools for axe and shield. From the Hinterlands come Ram Riders and Foresters. The Gate Wardens hold the ramparts as the first line of defense, and Longbeards protect the King Eternal.

In Runeguard, every Dwarf is a soldier. Each of the myriad guilds maintain regiments capable of answering the call to arms. These drilled troops are the equal of professional soldiers in other realms. 

The guilds are also bound together by clan ties. A Dwarf can count on not just their guild, but their clan members and their guilds. This is why in the Holds of Men there is a warning that to cheat one Dwarf is to declare war on Runeguard.  

Despite this stern demeanor, the Dwarves of Runeguard have been the shield of the Known Realms. It was Runeguard that held the First Orc Invasion at bay so that the Holds of Men and the High Elves could regroup. It is Runeguard that defends the lands from the worst predations of the Dark Elves. And it is Runeguard that responds to the threats of monsters from the fetid north, Orcs from the trackless west, barbarians from the frozen south, and the plague of necromancy from the dark corners within the Known Realms.

This box contains:

  • Advanced Rulebook
  • Antonian Horseman (4)
  • Axemen (5)
  • Battleaxemen (4)
  • Bowmen (4)
  • Crossbowmen (5)
  • Hammermen (4)
  • Longbeards (4)
  • Militia (4)
  • Miners (4)
  • Shortbeards (5)
  • Spearmen (4)
  • Ballista (3)

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