Under the Black Flag (PDF Version)
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Under the Black Flag (PDF Version)

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Under the Black Flag is the first supplement to the Gloire rules and it covers swashbuckling pirate adventures in the Caribbean Sea during the golden age of the buccaneers.

This book includes rules for creating campaigns of linked games, which will allow players to advance their model’s skills and abilities. Rules are also included for sailing and boarding ships so players can swing from the rigging as they take galleons loaded with gold or fire a broadside from a pirate sloop. Almost two dozen new character archetypes are introduced, as well as new abilities and skills.Seven scenarios round out the book - tales of treasure buried hastily on desert islands, mutinies, and divided loot gone amiss.

Sharpen your cutlass and prime your pistol, for we leave the world of kings’ laws and sail Under the Black Flag!

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