Treacherous Traps (Hardcover)
Treacherous Traps (Hardcover)
Nord Games LLC

Treacherous Traps (Hardcover)

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Treacherous Traps by Nord Games is an incredible resource for game masters looking to get more out of their dungeon design. Contained within are over 250 pre-built traps ranging in level and lethality, so that you can always find the perfect trap to challenge your players.

Also included us a random trap generator, consisting of 50 trap triggers and 50 trap effects that, when combined, create up to 2,500 different combinations.

This book provides tips and tricks for using traps, puzzles and riddles in your tabletop role playing games (RPG) and is the perfect accessory for any dungeon architect. 

      Written for Dungeons and Dragons 5e, the traps in here can also be used with other tabletop role playing games. 

      172 pages

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