This Very Ground: Victory or Death (2nd Edition) PDF
This Very Ground: Victory or Death (2nd Edition) PDF
This Very Ground: Victory or Death (2nd Edition) PDF
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This Very Ground: Victory or Death (2nd Edition) PDF

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It has been a real pleasure to revisit This Very Ground. It had been a long time coming since the original was published in 2005. I hope you enjoy the new edition of the rules and I hope they are a true improvement over the last edition. I made a lot of changes to the system, but my goal was to maintain the playability of the original while adding tactical nuance and flexibility that brings out more of the flavor of skirmish warfare in North America from the early 1600s through the early 1800s, with a focus on King Philip’s War through the War of 1812.

I wanted to capture as much of the tactical feel of the period as I could, while allowing players to field forces from each of these periods. I also wanted the lists to reflect the differences in weapons, unit types, and unit qualities across these wars as well. With that said, they will have some similarities. Militia from the French & Indian War are still going to generally be poorer troops than their regular counterparts, and these lists are scaled to each other as well. With that said, I wanted the lists to also act as a basic guide for creating your own forces for these wars. It is truly impossible to present all of the unit types and variations for each of these forces across four wars. There will always be something missing in even the most exhaustive list. Players are urged to see these lists more as unit archetypes than lists for specific units. It is suggested that players tinker with these lists to put together the types of units and forces they want to see on the tabletop. These lists are a way to do that and allow both sides in a game to be on the same page as far as unit stats and weapons.

This Very Ground: Victory or Death certainly has come a long way from the original French & Indian War focus of the first edition. It is my hope that this has not diluted the rules but strengthened them and broadened them to allow you to play a variety of wars and field a variety of units and still maintain the tactical feel for these periods. And these four wars are not the only conflict you can use these rules for! This system will work for nearly any small-scale skirmish in the musket era. You could use this system to game the wars in the Caribbean and in Spanish America or on the battlefields of Europe. Of course, it is still meant as a small-scale skirmish game. With the basic tactical unit being a platoon, the focus is still on 1:1 scale infantry combat. But this shouldn’t stop players from zooming into a small area of a bigger battle. The scenarios presented here of Parker’s Revenge and the Battle of Lundy Lane are exactly that. I felt it was important to showcase how easily the system will handle skirmishes up to bigger battles yet keeping a skirmish level of playability. It is suggested to play most games using single-based 15-28mm miniatures on a 4'x6' table. Players may wish to field much larger forces on up to whole companies per side, or to use unit-based miniatures but record casualties on unit rosters.

--Keith Stine, December 2019.

Combatants in the Rulebook:

King Philip's War

  • British Colonial Militia

French & Indian Wars

  • British Colonial Militia
  • British Provincials
  • British Regulars
  • French Milicien Canadiennes
  • Compagnies de la Marine
  • French Regulars
  • Rangers (to cover both sides)

America War of Independence

  • Continental Army
  • Militia & Minutemen (to cover both sides)
  • British Regulars

War of 1812

  • British Regulars
  • Militia (to cover both sides)
  • U.S. Army Regulars

18th- and 19th-Century

  • Native American War Party

(c) 2020.  This book is owned and published by the Iron Ivan Games division of Sinister Laboratories, a joint venture between Rattrap Productions LLC and Brigade Games and Hobby LLP.

60 pages

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