RatMat Scenics: Forest, Pack I
RatMat Scenics: Forest, Pack I
Rattrap Productions

RatMat Scenics: Forest, Pack I

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The first of our punchboard Scenic Packs for the Rattrap Battle Map line. This set contains:

3x Large Trees
3x Medium Trees
6x Small Trees
2x Dead Trees
3x Large Bushes
3x Small Bushes

There are enough pieces to lightly cover a 2'x2' battle map. The set is perfect for GMs and players that are looking for quick and easy ways to fill a battle map with scenics but don't want to spend the time or money on more elaborate resin or plastic pieces, especially for random encounters, quick skirmishes or any time when there is no need for an elaborate set piece. 

The entire line will be done with 2mm punchboard. There are no plastic bits to assemble or lose. No complex building instructions. And when you are done using? They can be stored quickly and with minimal space (perfect for when the game room is small, you live in an apartment with minimal storage or you spend a lot of time traveling to games and having to haul it all with you). The sets will also arrive in a resealable bag so you can punch them out, use them, then toss them in the original bag.

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