Price of Glory: Skirmish Gaming in the War to End All Wars
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Price of Glory: Skirmish Gaming in the War to End All Wars

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Price of Glory is a wargame system intended to recreate small unit skirmishes during World War I. The models in Price of Glory each represent one man or vehicle (1:1 scale). The smallest unit in most World War I armies was a platoon of 30 or more men. This system generally breaks units down into groups of 5-10 men for ease of play and to represent slices of time. While these subunits below the platoon level are not necessarily historically accurate on a structural basis, the system uses them to break the game into the actions of small groups of men (units) over time (game turns).

This system was developed to fill a demand for a set of World War I rules designed to fit in between the available rules that focus on individual combat or large battles of company size or larger. The typical game of Price of Glory will contain around 30-50 models a side, plus the occasional vehicle rather than the 100 or more needed for many other systems. We intend this system to be used to fight battles between almost every conceivable type of World War I combatant and on every type of battlefield. From the tenacious defenders of France facing German Stormtroopers in the battle of Verdun, to the grinding slog of the British and their tank attacks during Cambrai, to the various colonial troops fighting in the harsh terrain of the African wilds, all the way to the White and Red armies slugging it out during the Russian Civil War. This is not just a system for trench warfare. Virtually any conflict and setting during the early 19th century up until World War II can be gamed using these rules. We hope you find the system easily adaptable to your needs.


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