Planet X: Terror from Across the Universe (PDF Version)
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Planet X: Terror from Across the Universe (PDF Version)

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Planet X: Terror from Across the Universe is the first supplement for Fantastic Worlds: Pulp Action in the Far Reaches of Space.

Players can now choose from many different alien ‘skins’ for their characters, allowing them to play anything from a lizard man to a cephalopod. Aliens with strong mental powers exert their will over weak minded characters using the new psychic skills and attributes. Players can even use hive mind creatures as player models.

No pulp sci-fi story or serial was complete without a wild and deadly creature for the hero to face. Pulp authors let their imaginations loose on these fabulous monsters, creating creatures of every size and shape imaginable, many with abilities that would challenge any hero. Planet X has a generic set up that allows players to use any creature model in their collection, creating a virtually inexhaustible supply of challenges.

Along with the rules for creating your own aliens, we have included information on some of the races and creatures that inhabit Planet X; from the strange hive minds of The Calanti to cyborg enhanced Rhonijn to the limb-rending Ripper Beast.

Then, to get you started quickly, we have 2 multi-part scenarios already done for you. One pits Kip, Sarah, Dr. Litmus and their allies against the psychic Zzinn in The Psychic Lords of Planet X. The second has a Star Command vessel investigating a mysterious floating wreck in The Chronicles of Star Command – Derelict.

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