Mare Nostrum: The Italian Army (PDF Version)
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Mare Nostrum: The Italian Army (PDF Version)

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This is the PDF version of Mare Nostrum. By purchasing this, you will receive a link to download the digital version of the rules, not a printed book.

Mare Nostrum is an army list book for Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers.This Book details the Italian army from 1935 to 1945. Plenty of platoons, artillery, vehicles, and aircraft, covering everything from the Abbysinian War, the CTV in Spain, the Regio Excritorio, elite forces such as Bersaglieri and Alpini, and even Co-Belligerent forces and RSI. Also included are sections detailing several Italian enemies, including Libyans, Greeks, Yugoslavian partisans, and Ethiopians/Abbyssinians.

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