Gloire: Swashbuckling Adventure in the Age of Kings (Softcover Version)
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Gloire: Swashbuckling Adventure in the Age of Kings (Softcover Version)

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“I come as I am bidden, my lady,” came the laconic response as the famed swordsman strode confidently into the courtyard. “And now Marquis, I demand you release Yvette, her father, and her sister.”

“Don Armando!” replied the Marquis, half in amazement and half in fear, “but you are --”

“Dead? No, my dear Marquis, it will take more than rope and fire to bring about my end,” said Don Armando, giving his moustache a wry twirl.

“Rope and fire may not kill you,” said the Marquis, “But cold steel and sinew will.” He pointed his stiletto at Don Armando and bellowed to his men: “Have at him!”

Gloire: Swashbuckling Adventure in the Age of Kings is a miniatures game based on the popular .45 Adventure pulp rules set. Gloire retains that game’s emphasis on encounters, characters, abilities, small numbers of models, get-to-the-action table sizes, and puzzles while adding rules to capture the drama and excitement of a swashbuckling movie.

This book contains all the rules necessary to play, customize heroes and villains, and create scenarios. Plus there are four sample scenarios to help you get started.

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