Back of Beyond: Eastern Russia and Central Asia 1919-1926 (Softcover version)
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Back of Beyond: Eastern Russia and Central Asia 1919-1926 (Softcover version)

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This is a supplement to Contemptible Little Armies 3rd Edition rules for the 1919 – 1926 era, which aims to enable players to use these rules for gaming real and hypothetical wars from the Russian Revolution through 1920s Central Asia. It includes 19 army lists for forces which were either actually involved or theoretically might have been, plus a simple campaign system to provide some background for tabletop games, and some additional rules to cover the peculiar weather and terrain features of the region.

You must have the Contemptible Little Armies 3rd Edition rules in order to use this supplement.

“Back of Beyond” — The Story So Far
Reds, Whites and Muslims
The Mongolian Campaign of Baron Von Ungern-Sternberg, 1920-1921
Chinese Turkestan
The Tibetan Frontier
Basic Campaign
Playing Procedure and Time Scale
Special Rule: Baggage and Looting
Optional Campaign Rules for Individual Characters
Movement and Campaign Procedure for Player Characters
Joining Armies
Captured Characters
Types of Characters
Rules for Terrain and Weather
Snow Peaks and Glaciers
Mountain Passes
Gorges and Bridges
City Walls
Sudden Freeze
Dust Storm
Army Lists
1) Bolsheviks
2) The “Army of God”
3) White Russians
4) Czech Legion
5) The Army of Baron Von Ungern-Sternberg
6) Chinese Warlord Armies
7) Chinese Chinghai Frontier Armies
8) Chinese Bandits
9) Mongolian Tribes
10) Tibetans
11) Ngoloks
12) Basmachis
13) Afghan Army
14) Central Asian Bandits
15) The Army of British India
16) Turkish Army
17) Japanese Army
18) American Army
19) The Dinosaur Hunters
Quick Reference Lists
A Mobile Rourke’s Drift: Russian Civil War Scenario

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