Desolate Front is an in-development board game designed by Richard A. Johnson and Bruno Grigoletti. For the last year we have been working on the rules and play testing the game at stores and conventions.

The games takes place in an alternate timeline of World War 1. During one of the first great battles of the war as the dead piled up from the slaughter, someone used the carnage to weaken the borders between realities. Magic and myth, nightmares and madness seeped through into this reality. 

Now as the nations of the world fight each other on one day, they ally to fight nameless horrors on another. Each trying to gain the decisive advantage without letting evil sweep over the world.

Game Play
Each player controls 1 of 4 starting factions (American, British, German, Ottoman). Each faction consists of a Scrapper (combat specialist) and a Caster (magic specialist). 

Character Mat

Each player rolls 8 six-sided dice. The dice are then placed within each of the 5 stats. The totals of dice in each stat are used to trigger card effects. The cards can be used to attack in one of 4 stats (Shoot, Assault, Acrane, and Spirit) or Special Move options.