The Battle for... Hill 218/Sector 219

The Battle for series are fast paced tactical games for two players. Deploy your units, maintain your supply lines, and attack the enemy as you struggle for control. Whether blasting the enemy’s forces with artillery, keeping the enemy suppressed with heavy weapons or moving special forces into the enemy’s rear, the goal is simple - occupy the enemy base and you win.

In The Battle for..., players take turns placing cards that represent their units. These units must be able to draw supply from their base, except for Drop Squads which can be deployed anywhere. Once placed, units attack enemy units. Some units, such as Artillery, can destroy enemy units on their own. Most however require support from friendly units that have already been deployed. After attacking a unit remains in play, providing a line of supply back to the base as well as supporting other units when they attack.

Finally each player has a pair of one-use Airstrike cards that can be used instead of placing a unit to destroy any enemy unit in play.