RatMat Scenics: Dungeon Pack I (PDF)
RatMat Scenics: Dungeon Pack I (PDF)
RatMat Scenics: Dungeon Pack I (PDF)
RatMat Scenics: Dungeon Pack I (PDF)
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RatMat Scenics: Dungeon Pack I (PDF)

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Continuing our line of inexpensive scenics for your tabletop, these are our RatMat Scenics: Dungeon Walls, Pack 1. Unlike our Forest pack, the walls in this set will come as a PDF or self adhesive stickers that you will need to mount and cut yourself. The walls are not designed to specific lengths. You will be able to cut them to whatever size you would like

The PDF pack comes with 4 pages. You will be able to make as many walls and doors as you would like.

  • 4x different walls. Cut them in 2", 4", 8" or whatever length you need. 
  • Portcullis
  • Wooden Doors
  • Blank entranceways
  • Pit traps 
  • Columns

You will need to supply cardboard, mat board or whatever you would like to mount the print outs on (we suggest mat board for the heft). The PDF will need to be glued to your backing (we suggest glue stick), you will need to cut each piece out yourself.  

The columns can be used as single pieces or, with slits cut, as double pieces. If you do not have stands for your walls, you can also use them, with slits cut into columns and walls, to hold up your walls. 

The set is perfect for GMs and players that are looking for quick and easy ways to fill a battle map with scenics but don't want to spend the time or money on more elaborate resin or plastic pieces, especially for random encounters, quick skirmishes or any time when there is no need for an elaborate set piece. 

They can be stored quickly and with minimal space (perfect for when the game room is small, you live in an apartment with minimal storage or you spend a lot of time traveling to games and having to haul it all with you). 

These pieces can be used with any tabletop role playing game (TTRPG) including Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder or miniatures game like Frostgrave or Mordheim using 30mm miniatures. 

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