Battleground Terrain Pack
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Battleground Terrain Pack

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Battles are won and lost by the choice of battlefield. An army can anchor its flank on a deep marsh, or achieve victory by holding the high ground, or stymie an enemy’s advance by defending the river crossing. A wise general is one who understands not just the enemy but also the lay of the land.

The Battleground: Fantasy Warfare Terrain Pack has 7.5 square feet of double-sided terrain that opens up additional tactical options and keeps your battles varied. Fight in the depths of a deep forest or to keep a key supply road open – the possibilities are nearly endless.

The Terrain Pack can be used in conjunction with with our card game Battleground or any other wargame or tabletop RPG. 

Terrain Pack contents

  • Extra Large Hill
  • Large Hill/Marsh
  • Large Forest/Lake
  • 2 Small Hills/Scrub Patches
  • 2 Small Forests/Rocky Ground
  • 1 Small Marsh/Forest
  • 1 Small Hill/Lake
  • 1 Small Scrub/Forest
  • 4 Road/Ridge sections (40” total length)
  • 4 River/Coastline sections (40” total length)
  • 1 Bridge/Crossroads
  • 1 River Ford/Obstructed Road section
  • 3 River bend/Road turn sections
  • 2 Long Hedgerows/Stakes
  • 2 Short Hedgerows/Stakes
  • 2 Long Wood/Stone Wall sections
  • 2 Short Wood/Stone Wall sections

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