Super Miniature Anachronistic Combat Kards (S.M.A.C.K.)
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Super Miniature Anachronistic Combat Kards (S.M.A.C.K.)

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Do you love miniatures? I mean really LOVE them as in you can't avoid a kickstarter if it includes beautiful miniatures? Do you have lots of miniature board games or miniatures already? Do none of your friends want to play as much as you do because there is too much to set up or too many figures to keep track of? Do you want a miniature game you can travel anywhere with? 

Then welcome to Super Miniature Anachronistic Combat Kards (S.M.A.C.K.) With S.M.A.C.K. we provide the rules and the board, you supply all the components from games you already own. Get those well-painted miniatures (or unprimed gray plastic) out more often and play a game in about 15 minutes. 

Each player controls two heroes fighting it out in one of three modes of play. But you have to think carefully about each of your moves because your available actions change each turn. Think more like chess than a standard miniatures game. We're not going to spoil this great copy explaining all the rules - just download them for FREE and check them out yourself. The demo copy is useable with Barbarians and World War Soldiers.

So what do YOU need to supply in order to play? Each player will need 2 miniatures (or meeples or tokens or old chewing gum shaped to look like a snowman mid-melt, we don't really care what you use), a d6 (and we know you all have plenty of those lying around -  get those titanium ones that your friends won't let you roll and finally put them to use), and 3-4 small cubes or tokens (again, if you want to use scraps of paper, that's fine too). 

This is the demo version of the game. It is FREE to download. It's a chance to test drive the rules before you buy (we will be doing a kickstarter for them as soon as I have some art samples ready for promotion).

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