.45 Adventure 2nd Edition (PDF Version)
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.45 Adventure 2nd Edition (PDF Version)

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.45 Adventure: Thrilling Action in the Pulp Era is a narrative miniatures game. Players take on the role of a hero or villain and their sidekicks and henchman and make there way through a pre-determined scenario. Characters can be created using some of the sample archetypes provided or entirely new ones can be created through the character builder rules provided. There are three grade levels of characters. Grade 3s are your main heroes and villains. These are normally the leaders of the group, or if not the leader, then the most experienced member. Grade 2s are your main sidekicks or henchman. Occasionally, scenarios may have the Grade 2s as the leader of the group. And finally there are the Grade 1s. These are the nameless (usually) mooks and thugs that have to be fought through to reach the prize. But don't discount them. A couple of Grade 1s, played correctly, can easily take down the Grade 3 Hero who rushes blindly into a fight.

The games are based around scenarios that cover everything from gangsters to super science to even weird tales. A scenario can be anything that creates the setting for the game. It could be finding the Maltese Falcon or rescuing a kidnapped scientist. It could take place in the big city or a tiny middle eastern village. The only limits on scenario building are what you use to create it.

Along with battling each other, the are multiple Encounter Markers that players must reach or Encounter Events that must be played during the course of the game. These Encounters are usually random (though a scenario or Gamemaster may dictate otherwise) and represent the unpredictable set backs that normally occur during the course of a pulp-style adventure.

Another feature of the rules are the use of Hero Points. Hero Points are used to give your hero that little extra edge, be it an extra die roll or a special ability. There are some Hero Points that only the Grade 3 can use and some that even the lowliest Grade 1 can use.

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